We have a special party during the Christmas season. We dress up, and each class has a chance to perform a “fun” dance they have learned in class.  Clues help students discover the name of the story ballet we will be presenting the following spring.

Parents have a chance to observe their child’s class during the fall and spring semesters. Parents of new students may “peek” in during the last 10 minutes of their child’s first class. Visiting relatives from out of town are always welcome.

Spring Recitals are story ballets adapted for children by Miss Denee. Rather than a series of line routines, our performance is a compete theatrical experience. Recent recitals include:

  • Pinocchio - 2019
  • The Nutcracker Suite - 2018
  • Beauty and the Beast - 2014
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Cinderella - 2013
  • Peter & the Wolf
  • The Sleeping Beauty - 2016
  • Alice in Wonderland - 2015

Every class participates as a special interactive part of the story, with intermediate and advanced students taking on the lead character roles.